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Paul washer on dating

Well I thought about it and just thought it would be a weekend of me being mummy which I was happy to do so said yes.

Anyway I went to work on Friday and when I got home Michael had the bags packed .

He greeted me with a kiss and a glass of bubbly and told me he had packed my clothes so go have a shower and some casual clothes were on the bed he wanted me to wear.

I went to say something and he said my weekend remember we do it my way now go have a quick shower .

All went well he had selected me to wear a pink thong ,pink bra my tight blue jans and my favourite mid drift tee-shirt. So I downed two glasses of bubbly while doing my hair and putting some make up on. when we had checked in and the porter had taken us to our room, Michael paid him and opened the door.I was fine but Michael was beginning to slur his sentences but he was sober enough to start drinking water and suggested we catch the mono rail over to the Casino where as he said we could have a small flutter and may be a dance if they had good music.I said .lets this is, so unlike you , how are you coping with people.But I was happy to go along with it because it was the first time he had asserted his authority and it was a nice difference to be told what to do for a change and I was going to go along with what ever he had in mind.He came into the bathroom and was dressed casual but nice.

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I was still confused and just did not know what he had in mind.

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