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Paul washer on dating

That explained it I thought, Jill wants me to wear these the next time we get together the sexy little tart.

He watched me get dressed so I did it real slowly to get him in the mood for later.

Time was getting on and Michael had gone in to sort out what I was wearing while I soaked in the biggest bath tub I had ever seen.

Only thing is its my weekend and you have to do every thing I ask or say do you agree.

He said alright but he said there is one condition we go on.

I want you to go to the laddies take your panties off and hand me them before we leave the restaurant.

I asked him to repeat what he had said and he did with command in his voice.

So I did just that I sat on the seat had a pee and removed my panties and put them into my handbag.

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I had lots of cloth nappies and many plastic pants.