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Patience while dating

And if you’re lucky enough to be dating a guy who is giving you great orgasms, then you’re also unlucky enough to be dating someone who you’ll feel super attached to, super quickly.That’s because a hormone is released when you that makes you feel very bonded to the person who gave you said . So don’t make any grand decisions, like moving in together, until the novelty of the sex has worn off.Shutterstock Not only is patience a virtue, it could make the difference between you being single forever or ending up with your lifelong partner sooner than you’d even imagined.The truth is, rushing things only tends to set you back.Shutterstock If you think you can throw all your energy into your relationship—all your time and attention and emotions— thinking you can get back to your work and friends later, you’re wrong. Somebody else will get promoted at work and somebody else will step in to hang out with your BFF.You need to make a point of balancing it all from the beginning.

Kyle Mac Lachlan Qualities you need to get through medical school and residency: Discipline. Source: Shutterstock We’re women; we feel before we think. Our intuition gets us far in life, but when it comes to love, our emotions are the one thing that can lead us astray. And you could see the two of you being happy for a few years. Could you see this man stepping up his game if life gets difficult?Decisions (decisions to move in together, to break up, to bring up an issue) shouldn’t be made out of fear of being alone, or personal insecurities, or anger or pain. Could you see yourself happy to hang out with him every day?But these fears all tend to be louder than our rational thoughts. Could you see the two of you living harmoniously under the same roof?The bigger the decision, the more time you should allow for your emotions to subside before you make it. It’s okay if you don’t know that the answer is yes. These are usually provoked by crankiness, and escalate as you get sleepier and crankier. You’d be amazed how many problems a good night’s rest can fix.

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