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Outlook unread count not updating

The Outlook Push Notifications REST API sends notifications to a client-side web service to let apps learn about changes to a user's mailbox data.

These changes can occur in the user's mail, calendar, contact, or task data secured by Azure Active Directory in Office 365, and in similar data in Microsoft accounts specifically in these domains: Hotmail.com, Live.com, MSN.com, Outlook.com, and

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Outlook supports both streaming and push notifications.

Currently, push notifications are commonly used by mobile apps, as it doesn't require clients to poll for changes, and makes updates available to clients almost immediately.

If available, v2.0 is currently the preferred version.

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The Office 365 push notifications service and API work with clients that provide a web service with a callback address, and use webhooks to deliver notifications to client apps.

Webhooks are HTTP callbacks configured by usually a trusted, third-party backend web service.

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