Outlook and updating increases

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Outlook and updating increases

Mail Commander Pro supports distribution lists and allows easy management of large mailing databases.The program is great customer and client relations - and has been shown to boost sales.Or you can include other details, such as the town or city where they live (so long as you actually have that information in your customer database).The program supports opt-in and opt-out requests, automatically process subscribe and unsubscribe emails.You can write to a large list, but address everyone on it personally by their first name or full name.

Its most powerful feature is the ability to personalize the mail you send to people on your mailing lists (which can be built using the 60-plus fields in the address book).This makes the program a must have if you are involved in business and marketing.But it's also a powerful tool for personal mail, especially if you have a large group of contacts.Both direct mail marketers and Internet marketers have long found that personalized messages to prospects and existing customers increases sales by a marked degree.What's more, a survey conducted by Click Z found that 50% of people surveyed said they would appreciate receiving a personalized e-mail letter or ezine with only product information that matches their profile. The address book has over 60 fields you can use to collect and store information.

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