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Sheep, goats, and pigs were also cultivate and kept.

This site (along with Knossos) is also responsible for the earliest evidence of agriculture, soon after 7000 .

Burials without skulls were found and there was also a separate ritual area away from the village.

Finds from the site include materials from great distances, including obsidian from Anatolia and cowries and mother-of-pearl from the Red Sea.' culture succeeding the Belbasi culture in southern Anatolia.

Chemical analysis of their trace elements now allows most of the sources to be distinguished (especially by neutron activation and x-ray fluorescence spectrometry), so that the pattern of trade spreading out from each can be traced.

Two dating methods have been applied to obsidian: it generally went out of favor for everyday purposes (perhaps as a result of competition from metal tools) but it continued to be used for prestige objects in some areas, especially by the Minoans and Mycenaeans.

At first it was a semi-permanent camp which lived off goat and ibex.

The earliest known domesticated cattle date from about 6000 ) in Greece, in association with cultivated einkorn, emmer wheat, and barley, millet, lentils.

Occupation goes back more than 30,000 years and obsidian was brought there 20,000 years ago.

There was new fauna brought by humans in the Late Pleistocene and mid-Holocene. The first occupation phase had two levels with rectangular mud-brick houses.

It (1) reviews how this dating technique was first discovered and applied, (2) details our current knowledge of the process of hydration and which variables affect its rate, (3) discusses the relative advantages and limitations of the three primary approaches employed to construct hydration chronologies, and (4) presents a protocol for its future application in Mesoamerica.

The synthesis of this body of hydration-dating research may help archaeologists more constructively decide how and when to apply this unique and versatile dating technique to their specific research questions by providing the information and guidelines necessary for recovering pertinent field data.

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The layer of hydrated obsidian is visible when a slice of the artifact is examined under an optical microscope at a magnification of x 500. The land was poor for agriculture, but marine resources were exploited and the small center was quite wealthy.