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Not dating for years

When doing work in a childcare setting once you observe the children you follow the seven aspects of learning.The three main areas are physical development, personal, social and emotional development and communication and language.

The children demonstrate that they understand when they are being spoken to about what they have read.

Making relationships: Children and young people play together nicely and share turns in activities.

They take into account someone else’s suggestions about how to be able to plan his or her next activity.

The four other areas of development are literacy, mathematics, Expressive art and design and understanding of the world.

Although these are seven separate aspects of learning they are interdependent because for anyone who is observing a child you would may be observing one area of learning but you will see different areas linking into that activity; for example a practioners is observing a child doing physical activity but another child comes over and joins in this means they are likely to now show personal, social and emotional development and communication and language skills too as well as doing the physical activity.

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They will ask if they need help or will say when they do not want help.