Non sedating antihistamine safe in pregnancy

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Non sedating antihistamine safe in pregnancy

According to de Waele et al (1995), there are several lines of evidence that suggest that histamine receptors modulate the function of central vestibular neurons.One influence is via axons from the posterior hypothalamus.This may be related to wakefulness as histamine controls wakefulness.

It thus is similar in official status to an inert substance -- think sawdust perhaps.

To our knowledge, this potential use has never been exploited.

H3 antagonists appear to inhibit horizontal vestibular gain without affecting alertness.

This strategy might allow one to use much lower doses of betahistine, and perhaps save money on betahistine prescriptions (Strupp reduced the dose by a factor of 10).

Seligiline is usually covered by prescription programs in the US.

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Explanations commonly given are that the drug is a vasodilator, or that it acts on subreceptors of histamine.