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This may be related to wakefulness as histamine controls wakefulness.Both H1 and H2 binding sites have been detected in vestibular nuclei.One would also wonder if this combination might allow one to get the (sometimes) positive effect of betahistine to reduce weight.At the time of this update (2018), we generally just send patient to a local compounding pharmacy.Betahistine can be ordered at the very lowest prices from large compounding pharmacies.As of 2018, the "out of pocket" cost in the US is typically about /month.A recent exception is the study of Motamed et al (2017) where betahistine was found superior to promethazine.Betahistine was again reviewed by the FDA in June of 1999 (click here for details).

H3 antagonists appear to inhibit horizontal vestibular gain without affecting alertness.Nevertheless, these studies may have been flawed and a review suggested that it is presently still unclear if betahistine has any effect in Meniere's disease (James and Burton, 2001).Unfortunately, most of the studies of betahistine have major design failings -- such as omitting a control group, or comparing betahistine to a homeopathic preparation.H3 receptors control the synthesis and release of histamine via a Gs protein (de Waele et al, 1995).Betahistine's H4 action probably is meaningless as it is not very powerful (Desmadryl et al, 2012).

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According to de Waele et al (1995), there are several lines of evidence that suggest that histamine receptors modulate the function of central vestibular neurons.

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