Nod32 not updating windows 7

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If you're using it in some highly secure environment where you're constantly under intentional targeted attack, you might want one of the other options, and you might want to set the updates for something more frequent like every 30 minutes, too. avast was ok but the features lacked and didn't have a good interface, avira webshield slowed my internet down.

But if you're in one of those environments, you're probably not asking here. So i decided to gat a paid version this time and all looking good.

Now whenever there are new Windows updates available, NOD32 will show you alert as shown in following screenshot: When you click on "click here" link, it'll open a new window listing all available updates: You'll need to click on "Run system update" button to launch Windows Update program and then you can download and install the desired updates.

This feature of NOD32 will definitely come handy for Windows 8 users who are missing the notification alerts about Windows updates in their OS.

Now NOD32 will no longer show alert messages about new Windows updates. If you want to customize NOD32 alerts, you can set the alert type to any of the given options: 5.

Once you finish adjusting the options, click on OK button.

I've tried CCleaner, Revo uninstaller it finds all sorts I even use the hunter to look at the icon near the clock but doesn't seem to remove it complete. Ive been successfully using Nod32 for probably 10 years currently protecting 1 PC (Win XP) and two laptoips (Win7 32 bit and 64 bit).Earlier today I uninstalled NOD32 Antivirus 7, and the un-installation went through fine. I am running under an administrator, but I also opened WU with a run as administrator, no difference. Created it and ran it (grant=system=f and grant=administrator=f for each of the 4 categories), still no difference.It's pretty common that having it update the second you log on (or something comparable) causes unnecessary slowdowns and delays, especially if you also have it set to scan startup files after each update.Under most circumstances, I'd just let it stick to its hourly schedule.

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