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I get this message when installing hot Comm: "An I/O error occured while installing a file.

This is normally caused by a bad installed media or a acorrupt installation file".

For example, proom:pmod:ppres As of 6.0: Added: 5/21/08 hot Comm WMV recording does not work in Windows Vista if you are using the Realtek High Definition Audio driver supplied with Vista by Microsoft. For more information, see You can convert a WAV file to PCM format using Windows Sound Recorder. Top Applies to: hot Comm Standard/Pro 6.00.002, 6.00.003 Problem: If you are recording a session by making several smaller recordings instead of one big one, only the first recording has audio.

This is a bug and will be fixed in a future release.

If you have any difficulty playing back a hot Comm session recording, please close all programs except for hot Comm. Other online programs operating at the same time do not have this problem. Hotcomm is in continual activity too, because the trading pit audio is in the feed, and there is always noise.

When hot Comm is the only program running, then try playing the recording again. Resolution: You were right, it was a Netgear problem.

This tells hot Comm to avoid trying to open that DLL.

For instructions with screenshots on how to add a command line option, see Command Line Option.

hot Comm's Hi Fi settings are normally used for music. You can easily convert our hot Comm recorded audio to a variety of different audio formats by using the Sound Recorder feature in Microsoft.There were two MFC files in the C:\Windows\Win Sx S\Policies and Manifest directories that were corrupt. I was able to copy the files from another computer. Suggested solution This link runs a copy of the Microsoft redistribution and registry fixer for MFC 8.0, and running this program may fix the corrupted files: May 21, 2008 hot Comm Standard/Pro requires one TCP socket for each name on your User List, including relays and individual users. Typically, an ISP allows you to use up to 256 sockets.If you do not have enough sockets, hot Comm may prevent other programs that use TCP sockets from running.It may take more computer memory and resources than you expect to playback a hot Comm session recording. Start the program, select Options - Convert Format, then select File-Save and save it as a PCM format file.The hot Comm session recordings have more overhead than the original presention due to the information necessary for the fast-forward and rewind features, and for displaying the graphics. Top Problem: hotcomm will not stay connected when I switch to wireless access. The computer is a Dell Inspiron notebook, brand new. The only other software running at the time is an order entry system with a live data feed continually updating, and it did not disconect.

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