Negative views on interracial dating toronto downtown dating

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Negative views on interracial dating

This uncertainty may restrain the individual from ever fulfilling their desire of dating outside of their race. They are afraid of confrontation with others- Interracial dating is still not accepted by all.Some people get hackled and threatened just for dating outside of their race.

Only 12% of black women married outside of their race.

They are afraid to profess and embrace their interest in dating interracially.

Some of the reasons people are afraid to date interracially are below. Fear of familial reaction- Some people come from families were racism is a tradition.

This can become tiring and so many people choose to avoid it. They do not want to ostracize themselves from community- Some people who hold powerful positions in their community value the support of their community.

These people fear becoming alienated from their community because of their choice of partner.

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Friends and family will continue to ask and wonder why the person has decided to date outside of his/her race.

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