Musical updating romeo juliet

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Musical updating romeo juliet

which tells the story of Shakespeare’s most famous star-crossed lovers.

Classical KING FM Family Concerts are designed for ages 5 to 12.

Olivier's first performance of Shakespeare on screen.

Branagh's film turns Love's Labour's Lost into a romantic Hollywood musical.

Set and costume design evoke the Europe of 1939; the music (classic Broadway songs of the 1930s) and newsreel-style footage are also chief period details. The company hired the complete stage cast of the play and filmed at Walthamstow Studios using largely natural light.

The film marked the screen debut of Matheson Lang who went on to become one of the leading British actors of the 1920s.

It is based on an 1869 play by Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, which is itself based on The Comedy of Errors.

Bhranti Bilas was remade in 1968 as the musical comedy Do Dooni Char, which in turn was later remade as Angoor.

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The play was translated into Māori in 1945 by Pei Te Hurinui Jones, and his translation is used for the film.