Msi updating bios file not found

Posted by / 22-May-2017 06:37

Msi updating bios file not found

For this reason, it's worth checking whether you really need to update your BIOS.

And, why this appeared ( I don't unplugged my USB stick all the time of setup and restart)?

Maybe there where a problem because I start installation file from F:77v60\E7677v60 not from F:\?

And after restart, I have a screen like USB Updating_______________File not found.

I downloaded the latest revision and was using my phone as a USB drive.

I booted to Windows and clicked the utility, after the first steps completed, the system rebooted.

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Tried to up date my H61M-P21(B3) Motherboard using the 7680v J0file on a usb stick from the MSI web site Version 19.0 Failed to update now can not get in to bios setup and just get a message.. File not found Can some one send me a link to the file I need to put on the usb stick?