Mom and son sex camera

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Mom and son sex camera

I was snapping pics as more of her skin became visible.First cleavage, knees & shoulders suddenly I was looking at nipple through my camera screen, I clicked a pic.The tub was actually pretty big especially with my little mom in it. She started splashing me with her hand, scooping water out of the bath onto my boxers & T shirt. Butt first, suddenly I was sitting in my mom's tub side by side with her, laughing and checking out naked skin. "Mom, you are so beautiful, let me hold it." "Sweetie no, I'm your mother." "Mom we are not having sex, I'm just holding a breast.I stuck my foot then leg into the water to maintain my balance so I was sitting astride the tub edge. She moved away from me as the splashing increased my hand still on her shoulder. I'm not taking photos." The last comment may have been a mistake.It may have alerted mom to her rapidly clearing situation as she looked away from the water at me."Oh god sweetie, that was so sweet of you to ask, I had no idea the bubbles had gone. " Maybe I had a magic camera, or mom just loved having her picture taken. "Thank you sweetie, I know I shouldn't be letting you see me naked." Nooooooo don't go there, said my brain to my penis."Mom you look very hot, can I keep photographing you?" My cock was hard inside my boxers pointing at the wall behind the tub.

From desperate moms to sparkling MILFs, this place is packed with fresh XXX niche content. My cock was pointing straight at Mom, she looked down. You need to put it away sweetie, I am your mother." Obviously a little conflicted. Mom's next words reassured me I was right to be hard and right about my plans to take it to the next level. Camera in one hand, towel in the other I bumped my shoulder against her bathroom door, it opened, banging against the dresser. I see a knee." I dropped the towel on the carpet & started to operate the camera."Sorry mom, you look so beautiful I can't help it." "Nevertheless, I should not have to look at it." Her breast lifted off my shoulder and she started towards the door. "SWEETIE," she squealed, I looked at her lying on her back in the bath, just her face visible in a massive pile of bubbles. " A knee poked out of the bubbles as I stared at where her body should be, trying to see skin. "Okay sweetie, you can take a shot." She leaned her head backwards to rest on the bath edge, eyes looking at the ceiling, allowing me to gape openly at where her body should be trying to see skin.I took a couple of shots of rapidly revealing cleavage and her already bare shoulders as I stood next to the bath tub.The tub was actually round & fitted with massage jets to 'pamper the homeowners after a long day at work'.

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