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Also, the administration is talking up its direction to USDA to help farmers cope with the damage from tariffs—but very few details have been forthcoming about how such a program would work or how much it might cost.

Farmers have been among the most organized groups in lobbying the administration about its trade policy.

China’s state news agency says Beijing vows to defend itself against U. The Chinese commerce ministry says it doesn’t want a trade war “but we aren’t afraid of fighting one.”*********************************************************************************************Mexico Not Ruling Out Quick NAFTA Result The Mexican Foreign Minister says he’s not ruling out a quick ending to the North American Free Trade Agreement talks.

“Feral horses are not endangered; in fact, the overpopulation of these animals has caused environmental damage across the West.

Carmakers and Boeing would be hit hard by China’s tariffs.

Many American companies purchase products from Chinese factories, while others rely on the country’s vast consumer market to sell their goods.

And he said, 'Sonny, you can assure your farmers out there that we're not going to allow them to be the casualties if this trade dispute escalates. You can tell them that directly,'" the secretary said. The New York Times said the President’s moves have “injected damaging uncertainty into the economy as Republicans are already struggling to maintain their hold on the House and the Senate in a difficult election year.”It concluded that “control of the Senate could come down to Republican efforts to unseat Democrats in North Dakota, Indiana, Missouri and Montana,” all states staring down the barrels of a trade war’s guns.

In the meantime, Trump shows no sign of backing off, the Times says.

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The talks have moved slowly for the past eight months and all three countries want to settle the process as quickly as possible. demand that the North American content of vehicles produced in the NAFTA nations be increased from 62.5 percent to as much as 85 percent.

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