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Me my boyfriend have been dating month

I wish you the best of luck but also prepare yourself that he might be scared at first and stand offish about it.Unfortunately women become parents the day we find out we are pregnant, men become parents when they hold their son/daughter. I just wanted to get some tips from guys who may have been or even known someone in my situation, My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 3 months and I just found out that I'm pregnant. being a mother and I'm afraid that his fear of having a child now will eventually lead to me having to do this alone.Going by the "conception calculator" I am 6 weeks pregnant. whom I adore but I'm not too sure how to reveal to him that we are pregnant and Im so nervous about how he may or may not react. I'm starting grad school in January and he is training to play basketball overseas. So I guess Im asking for advice on how to break this news to him and how to be understanding if he needs his space to take it all in? Tell him you have something important to talk about that could have a huge impact on both of you.Everything happens for a reason and things will work out. I can only hope my boyfriend reacts as good as yours did! attentive and caring but I guess I'm just afraid that this news will instantly end the "honeymoon phase" and bring out a side of him I didn't think existed.

When we separated I knew he would come around just he had to deal with the life change in his own way. Though we understand that having our baby will change everything as well this is what wad ment to happen n it will work out.

I'm pretty sure when I told him, I said "We have a problem." We wound up deciding to terminate, but I had a lot of problems with that after the fact.

I was hurting inside, and he didn't want to talk about it which caused problems for us in a lot of other ways.

I love this child and am bonding with it more and more all the time there's no way I can kill it!

I just wish I got the reaction of the other posts as I would love the baby to have his dad around, I don't want to be alone either! But we ended up dating and found out at 6 wks that I was pregnant. I understand what you're going through and it is definitely not a burden you want to bear alone. My boyfriend and I went on our first date Oct 1 and weren't even "officially dating" until Oct 17... Nov 1 it was confirmed and Dec 15 I had u/s #1 only to find that we are having TWINS! Much love to you darlin and good luck I sent the same text to my boyfriend lol we've been together 3 months before I found out he said it doesn't sound good what's up I texted I didn't want to tell him over the phone but he called anyways lol I just told him but he was happier than I was so it all worked out he's actually more supportive and loving than he was before which is great I understand exactly how u feel..late husband and I got pregnant about a week into our "relationship" and at about 5 weeks I had to tell him.

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So hope when you tell him the news his response is better! He is so excited and I'm so happy that he dint walk out. I wish you the best and pray you have an easy pregnancy and delivery. not knowing how he'd take the news I pretty much told him like it was the end of the world...

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