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However, your friend should never: In short, your friend shouldn't completely abandon their previous life in order to spend time in their new relationship.Your friend will probably spend more time than usual with their new love, but they should still be able to maintain a healthy friend/life balance. "We have historical friends who we knew in childhood, we have common-interest friends -- the buddies we follow sports with or go to yoga with -- and then we have stage-of-life friends, college friends, just-moved-to-New York friends, friends you meet when you're a parent.Let's hit up the elephant in the room right now: it's hard to maintain the friendship with a platonic friend when you're in a serious relationship with someone else.It takes a lot of finessing and that act of finessing can destroy one or both relationships if done incorrectly.When you're dating someone, you get an abbreviated view of how his or her mind works.

Walsh says, "because that is one of the oldest mating strategies of all time.

And shouldn't all relationships be kept fresh by way of a check-in?

Why let someone you're seeing turn into the type of friend who won't stay in your life long?

Are you trying to cross the line from platonic to romantic?

We've all been there: falling in love with a best friend.

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Rejection sucks, but learning to tell these signs for what they really are — that friendship is becoming more — is sure to save you from much heartache, especially when you know the difference between a friendship and relationship.

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