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I have been asked what happened to the supply of magnetos during the First War as at that time Bosch were the main global supplier.

I have found the following article which explains matters.

Such propulsion systems could vastly reduce the noise emitted by vessels.

The magnetic drive uses a superconducting magnet to force water through the submarine’s shaft, according to Motherboard. With few moving parts, the magnetic drive is much quieter than conventional systems.‘Submarine and anti-submarine technology and capabilities have long been considered a weak link in Chinese naval power,’ Eric Wertheim, author of Combat Fleets of the World, told Motherboard.‘It appears that they are making concerted efforts to address this shortfall.’Engineers around the world have long been working to create reliable magnetic ship drives.

v=4Lkafqpc Z2Q If you are looking for more information on veteran Triumphs then below are a list of excellent sites: If you have a veteran era hub gear that needs attention then I am reliably informed that this is the man to talk to - you are looking for more information on old Triumphs, then a series of excellent booklets are available via the link below: - this site are the main manufacturer of early Triumph parts and a font of all knowledge. this is a Dutch site that also makes parts for Veterans, restores bikes and sometimes has bikes for sale.China has developed a new magnetic propulsion motor that could make nuclear submarines far stealthier, state media have claimed.According to a new report, the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) has tested the country’s first permanent system of this kind, paving the way for quieter and more elusive high-speed vessels.If you are looking for further information on a magneto not featured here then please do email me and I will do what I can to help.My email is here If you are looking for information on old Marelli magneto's, then visit this page to contact their archive - Movies of Veteran Motorcycles I have managed to find a few old movies from Pioneer Runs from long ago.

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I have added a few pictures below of a Bosch ZE1 magneto that I have bought as a spare and hope to get tested/renovated in the coming months. If you have any manuals for Magneto's of the Veteran era then I would really appreciate a copy so that I can add it to this page.

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