Lovedrop online dating

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Lovedrop online dating

So many people partake that it has became an acceptable way to meet the opposite sex.But when I started it was a bit like train-spotting — you’d heard about it, you knew it went on, but the sort of people who did it were a little bit odd and not the type whose ­company you’d keep.

After nearly a decade away, she was right: things had changed.

Of course, married men cheated before the internet came along, but online dating is like an adventure playground for philanderers.

Aged 34, I vowed to give up on internet dating for ever and take my chances in the real world.

As I learned, this is a complete waste of time — especially for women.

It doesn’t matter if you have climbed ­Everest in your lunch break and ­discovered a cure for cancer — no one will read it., the world’s biggest ­dating site, asks dozens of pointless questions that go on for pages and pages.

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