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London teen dating

Often times, articles on this subject focus on protecting daughters, but it’s just as important to teach sons about healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Many of the same principles can apply as you help your sons learn how they should treat others and how they should be treated in return.

Today’s romance novels and chick flicks are steamier than ever, making teen girls everywhere sigh over the perfect guy and the perfect relationship.

Of course, we should all be able to think of boys and girls who do not follow these models but the pattern holds across large groups.

While it may be more obvious that hitting or beating are abusive behaviors, we need to teach our kids and teens that there’s more to an unhealthy relationship than just physical scars and bruises.

These actions aren’t loving behaviors, but neither is anything controlling, manipulative, or degrading. Murray teaches: “Love never involves fear or feeling worse, rather than better, about [oneself].

If this is the kind of thing that our teenage girls are drooling over, it’s no wonder that so many teens get caught up in abusive dating relationships.

Thankfully, as parents there is much we can do to protect our daughters (and sons) from teen dating violence.

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When our daughters are young, we taught them all sorts of skills: how to tie their shoes, how to brush their teeth, how to ride a bike. Murray explains, “Just as you taught [your child] to ride [his or her] first two-wheeler, now is the time to teach what a good relationship should look like and what [he or she] should expect” from a dating partner (As your teenagers are adjusting to puberty, hormones, and romantic relationships, this is a really formative period for them.

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