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Lisa Kudrow has been engaged to Michael Stern (1994).

It’s not true.” Jay Leno: Only in America is that like an insult — “Oh she was a virgin when she got married! I’m sure Hulu will take it down eventually and I don’t want a dead embed on here. You can see why these rumors stayed so alive for so long: There were some half-truths involved with them. Or maybe she waited for a little bit and then took a different path.

Kudrow also says that Le Blanc used to torment her on set by tickling her just to make her giggle.

“Do you know how many times I told Matt, ‘I am going to hurt you,’ and he would just laugh and keep doing it.” They made a big mistake not putting these two together.

But according to her the quote was taken out of context.

In an interview with Jay Leno she clears up the rumors once and for all.

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Both Le Blanc and Kudrow were nominees at Sunday's Emmys -- for Outstanding Lead Actor and Outstanding Lead Actress for their shows, , respectively -- and the 48-year-old actor told O'Dell that it was "nice" to be nominated along with a friend."[It feels] great," Kudrow reiterated. "PHOTOS: Look Back at Our Favorite Joey Tribbiani Moments After Le Blanc turned to his old pal and said he was proud of her, Kudrow said, "I'm proud of you, too. If you needed any more proof that they're still close, Kudrow revealed to ET that Le Blanc was actually the one who first told her she was up for an Emmy this year. "She knows ["Smelly Cat"] better than me."WATCH: Jennifer Aniston & Lisa Kudrow 'Curse Off' for Jimmy Kimmel It was pretty great seeing her and Le Blanc looking as chummy as ever.

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