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Lava dating servive

It is the belief that life and biology are central to reality and that life creates the universe, not the other way round.

By looking at the universe from a biocentric's point of view, this also means space and time don't behave in the hard and fast ways our consciousness tell us it does.

The investigation also found problems with the shuttle's seats and parachute landing system, which requires astronauts be conscious to operate manually.

Astronaut Pam Melroy, one of the authors of the report, said the astronauts had been at their problem-solving best trying to recover Columbia.

'There was no way for them to know that it was going to be impossible,' she said.

NASA's spacesuits do not automatically pressurise, 'a basic problem of suit design and it is one we intend to fix with future spacecraft', Mr Hale said.'This report confirms that although the valiant Columbia crew tried every possible way to maintain control of their vehicle, the accident was not ultimately survivable.''I call on spacecraft designers from all the other nations of the world, as well as the commercial and personal spacecraft designers here at home to read this report and apply these hard lessons which have been paid for so dearly.'Had the astronauts had time to get their gear on and get their suits pressurised, they might have lived longer and been able to take more actions - but they still would not have survived, the report said.

Columbia was the second space shuttle NASA has lost.

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A person sees a blue sky, and is told that the colour they are seeing is blue, but the cells in a person's brain could be changed to make the sky look green or red.

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