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Ladyboy chat rooms

As for PMs, I can take PMs, but I admit I usually just look at the general chat room, and probably will miss your PM, but I will try and read them too. A: I have never put anything in my ass before lol, but maybe someday I will do a special show and try it out (with LOTS of lube). I may have to get comfortable at doing certain things, but in due time, with patience (patience seems to be a theme here lol), you will see me do more things, especially when I get really horny! and I will tell you what it means and/or compatibility, etc.

Also, please let me know what you would like for your PM, in case I may not be able to do it, and such. A: If you can fuck me on my period, then you can fuck me in the ass (again, with lots of lube lol). A: I am an open girl who is willing to try new things, almost anything.

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Hey, it is all a part of my style, and I usually talk either at the beginning or cuddle time after cumming. When fucking, just hold your cock inside of her deeply.

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