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All instances of sexual harassment and abuse can be reported to the committee, The UO sanctioning the committee is UO No Ad.Misc.3/ICC/8770/2016 dated and can be downloaded here Jan 15 2018: : Introductory session to : Lecture-1 The Puzzling Early Earth.The 2016 destinations were NGRI, WIHG and IITM, while 2017 destinations are Presidency University Kolkatta (Prof Sankar Bose), BSIPS Lucknow (Dr Binita Phartiyal), IIST Trivandrum (Dr Rajesh VJ) and CGWB (Sreenath G).

Currently there is no access to Geoscience World consortium journals like Geology, Bull Geol Soc of Am, etc. Debate on the motion 'Plate tectonics started around 3 Ga ago'Nov 30 Ore deposits - the main types and some ideas on how they formed. Preparatory talk for the debate on the motion 'Morality of Mining'Dec 01 Metals and society.Hot topics/challenges for research in the field of Earth Sciences in the coming decade 4.Earth Science education: scientific and societal contributions – a student’s perspective Nov 26 to Lecture-cum-discussion in the field areas Nov 27 Lecture-cum-discussion: The Archean: an introduction to the early history of Earth.

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Mamtani, IIT Kharagpur This is a joint IUGS-Tec Task activity with the Dept of Geology, University of Kerala, through the latter's Current Trends in Earth System Sciences series of invited talks (CTESS).