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Kayce d dating

He always called me K because that was his nickname for me and only his. I rolled my eyes and said Well if you paid attention you would've known but it's page 322 1-30. I asked him rudely because I didn't really want to talk to him. I just wanted to ask if we had any homework in math? She of course arrived a few minutes late, thinking she would be the one making an entrance.However, she quickly found out that Chris did not allot the proper amount of time to find parking in the city - needless to say he was the one that got to make an entrance.They left it at both wanting to see each other again but not sure when.Kayce went to her kickball game and immediately confided in her now Maid of Honor, Allison, about what a great date she had been on and how much she liked this Chris character.However, he really won Kayce over when two days later, on her birthday, she received an order of chocolate covered strawberries from him.

After School Max always takes me home so I waited outside for him.

Typically she tells Chris when she is heading home, in case there are any troubles on the drive.

Today, she just wanted to get home and it slipped her mind.

Kayce had been hearing from friends the success they were having and also didn't hate the idea of a free dinner and drinks.

After matching, they talked for a couple weeks before setting up a date.

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