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Kaito, also known as “Tokyo Boy”, discovers a floating body in the sea, which triggers his fear to run home.

Meanwhile, Kyoko is coming to terms with her mother’s fate.

The contract specifically states that their dominatrixes will make appearances at any moment at any given time to beat him at the places he is spotted. The reason behind this is to take his troubled mind off of his obstacles.

This film is dark and gets deeper when it starts involving his young son in his insane contract.

We then have Toko, who is angry when she finds out her ex is going to be married to another woman, and Chihiro is suffering solitude even when she is around people.

Akiyo, Satoko, Toko and Chihiro strive to find happiness within their lives while attempting to deal with their insecurities in this midst of a hectic city.

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The basic premise of this movie is it follows a man who signs a contract with an S&M company called Bondage.

When the Yakuza family grows larger from the control of the corporate ventures, a tension splits the new and traditional Yakuza values.

Katoako is a self-satisfied manipulator and a corrupt police officer who uses this opportunity to bring down the whole organization by releasing Kitano from prison so he can kill off everyone that betrays him. When codes of honor are challenged by a new set of rules, both Yakuza groups and the forces of authority get involved.

This film shows how isolation can be a big issue among city people, and important relationships can be tough and confusing.

Japan’s cult director comes out with something strange and quirky about a man obsessed with bondage who gets more than what he bargained for.

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A woman who was misled into the adult industry after initially being scouted for modelling on the streets of Tokyo has said she felt trapped and had “nowhere to turn for help”.