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Jamaican dating customs

An outline of the South African Xhosa tribe's rituals for President Nelson Mandela's 2013 funeral illustrates some basic customs.African death rituals begin by preparing the home soon after a person dies and receiving people who come to pay their respects to the dead.Often, many community members attend the burial to support the family members.In general, the immediate family remains silent during the burial rites and usually stands on one side of the gravesite, with the community on the other.

This is especially true in sub-Saharan Africa in countries such as Kenya and Angola.In death, the whole person still exists but now inhabits the spirit world and he can be reincarnated into several people.If the deceased is not buried "correctly," or a person lived a life of dishonor, his ghost can remain as a part of the world of the living and wander around and cause harm.In some groups, the body is wrapped in a linen shroud.Personal items are often buried with the deceased to help him on his journey.

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The Yoruba tribe, for example, include food, clothes, fowls or other animals, while other tribes include spears, shields, or pots and pans, so the deceased has all he needs in the afterlife.