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Jack nicholson diane keaton dating

He said, "It was suggested I go somewhere and find my sense of humor," he said with a smirk.

He also commented on having to follow Bill Clinton on stage.

Brokaw may be happy in his retirement, but he’s going to have to be there as Russert’s replacement.

Not that Russert can be replaced by just one person.

Beatty, it should be noted, was incredibly amused by the whole thing.

He especially liked Hoffman’s speech, in which we learned that the famous Hollywood lothario had worked during his early days in New York as a "sand man" helping to dig the Lincoln Tunnel.

How did Al Pacino and Diane Keaton even exist together for a minute backstage at the AFI Tribute to Warren Beatty in Hollywood on Thursday night?

(See Friday’s column for my first report from this extraordinary event.) The former lovers have not spoken to each other since right before they filmed the very terrible "Godfather III." Their relationship came to a crashing end when Keaton learned — a year after the fact — that Pacino had fathered a daughter in 1989 with his assistant, Jan Tarrant.

Pollard, who was a curious sensation in the late '60s from "Bonnie & Clyde" and other films. The Tony Awards put on their best show in several seasons Sunday night, mostly thanks to Whoopi Goldberg as host and some clever producing that put older shows like "The Lion King" and "Rent" front and center after a mediocre year.The acclaimed New Yorker writer, novelist and essayist was just 48 when she died in her sleep from a heart attack. All of Laurie’s books are still in print, including her "Home Cooking" essays, novels like "Happy All the Time" and "Family Happiness," and short story collections "The Lone Pilgrim" and "Another Marvelous Thing." Like Russert, she left one child. From everything we saw of NBC’s wall-to-wall coverage of Russert’s death, one thing is clear: Tom Brokaw is going to have to come back to work.I am happy to report that Rosa Jurjevics, now 24, is doing just great, writing for the San Diego Reader and editing films. Without Russert, NBC has no team captain to take them through the political conventions and election night in November.I saw 90-year-old Arthur Laurents, who should have won Best Director for "Gypsy." Tom Stoppard, whose "Rock 'n' Roll" was nominated for Best Play, headed straight to the bar.Jeremy Irons, accompanying nominated wife Sinead Cusack for the same play, made the rounds. and Margo Mc Nabb were toasted for their wedding later this month.

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The crowd of Hollywood types, many subjects of erroneous Internet info, roared with laughter.