Jack nicholson diane keaton dating

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Jack nicholson diane keaton dating

If he were a celebrity now, Pollard — who’s 68 but looks 10 years older after a tough, tough go — would get work in reality shows like "The Surreal Life." On the guest list it said he was seated with Fawn Hall, the girl from the Oliver North scandals of the 1980s. But the show could have been so much better if the Tony committee hadn’t shown vitriol to "Young Frankenstein." Instead of nominating this clever musical, the panel pretty much ignored it.

They shook hands and took pictures literally with every single one of the 600 guests, including dozens of total strangers.

The acclaimed New Yorker writer, novelist and essayist was just 48 when she died in her sleep from a heart attack. All of Laurie’s books are still in print, including her "Home Cooking" essays, novels like "Happy All the Time" and "Family Happiness," and short story collections "The Lone Pilgrim" and "Another Marvelous Thing." Like Russert, she left one child. From everything we saw of NBC’s wall-to-wall coverage of Russert’s death, one thing is clear: Tom Brokaw is going to have to come back to work.

I am happy to report that Rosa Jurjevics, now 24, is doing just great, writing for the San Diego Reader and editing films. Without Russert, NBC has no team captain to take them through the political conventions and election night in November.

Mary-Louise Parker hobbled by, saying, "Forgive me, I have a broken toe." S. Counting Crows’ rock star Adam Duritz told me that Stew is indeed one of his roommates in a loft in New York City's Union Square. "They’re amazing." I was happy to meet Laura Benanti, who won Best Featured Actress in a Play for "Gypsy." This beauty is going to be a big, big star now.

Epatha Merkerson blew us off because she thought we mispronounced her name. She comes from good stock, don’t you know: her father is Broadway star Martin Vidnovic.

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Beatty’s answer was surprising, considering how involved he’s been in politics during his career. He’s turned down at least two offers from Quentin Tarantino, in both "Kill Bill" films and in "Death Proof." His face was just — to use a pun of a word here — beatific: "I just want to be with my kids and my wife." Just a PS: Also in the audience on Thursday night: Eva Mendes, stunning, very quiet, stayed just past Clinton’s speech, then exited. Also: Lainie Kazan, fresh from her "Zohan" triumph, Bob Daley and Carole Bayer Sager and the very strange actor Michael J.