Is andy sixx dating juliet simms

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Andy waits in the living room with Griffin and Kendall as Madi and Spike talk and they make small talk on what it's like to be a touring musician.

10.17 Where The Lines Overlap Andy works on lyrics with Madi since Damon didn't want "Perfect." Andy sees what she has "I'm falling all over myself/trying to be someone else/ I wish you would dare to walk me home/ So I wouldn't be alone." Madi then tells him that she has been through some stuff in her life that the average teenager hasn't, including surviving the Port Charles High shooting, which included her trying to make sure Spike didn't bleed death and was actually shot in a botched home invasion.

Andy tells Mason what he told Madi a few days prior about how even if you want to same things, you still might not make it.

Also, where does he see himself in five years and does that include Ember or without her.

Of course a lot of people thought he was off, and weird.

Andy is shown to be carefree and kind of reckless and is all about having fun and loves playing music.When it comes to life, Andy knows that is worth something and does his best to teach his fans to Never Give In. Andy becomes more of a main character than the rest of the band when he starts to interact with Madi Morgan and the two become friends and Andy helps her get over breakup with high school sweetheart, Spike Lavery and whenever Evan is off with Rory and Mason off with Ember, Andy is someone that Madi could talk to and hang with and talk music with.Pre-series, Andy had long hair and wore body paint for Black Veil Brides shows but recently chose to cut his hair and no longer use the paint.They wanted it to work but she cheated when he was on tour.He still cares about her but knows it would never have worked out since they both wanted different things in life.

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Andy then tells her to tap into all the emotions she is feeling right now with what Spike has done and channel it into writing.