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Posted by / 09-Dec-2017 19:07

For the past year, Facebook has been dogged by a stream of concerns from marketers about measurement and transparency issues plaguing the platform’s ad business while other brand safety questions swirl.

Meanwhile, two incidents last week—a report that Facebook reaches more Americans than U. census data shows and news that fake Russian accounts purchased 0,000 of ads between June 2015 and May 2017—don’t help marketers’ lingering trust issues with the platform.

As Adweek reported last week ahead of this week’s Dmexco conference in Cologne, Germany, the company has new brand safety tools and a set of guidelines detailing which users—namely publishers and creators—can make money off of content posted to the platform as part of its revenue sharing program.

“From what we saw with You Tube, as soon as [advertisers] become aware that there’s more risk, they’re going to react strongly.”In response to the ad buyers’ concerns, Facebook is upping the number of categories of “sensitive” content and will automatically remove certain types of content from its ad-supported inventory.

In April, Facebook opened up five categories where advertisers could choose to opt-out of showing ads within: Tragedy and conflict, mature, debatable social issues, gambling and dating.

More interestingly though is a new post-campaign tool that shows advertisers where their ads did in fact run, allowing advertisers to see whether their campaigns actually ran alongside controversial content.

Facebook will provide these stats in the coming months, meaning that they will not be vetted or validated by a third-party company, which leaves some agencies uneasy.“Facebook is so huge that advertisers feel the need to run on the platform, so any tool that can give a bit more feeling of control will be well-received,” explained Jessica Mc Glory, associate director and paid social lead at Engine Media.

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“It is still a Facebook product though which could make some advertisers weary.”Or as Group M’s Barone described the post-reporting tool, “it will be Facebook telling us that this is where your ads ran,” he said.