How to run dating ads on facebook

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Those categories have been expanded to include nine types of content and ads will now automatically be removed from them, meaning that advertisers will no longer need to manually remove them from ad buys.Content deemed ‘mature’ has been broken out into more specific categories including violent, adult, explicit, inappropriate, explicit, prohibited activity, drugs and alcohol and misappropriation of children’s characters.

In April, Facebook opened up five categories where advertisers could choose to opt-out of showing ads within: Tragedy and conflict, mature, debatable social issues, gambling and dating.More specifically, a sufficient period of time is equivalent to one month, according to Facebook.Facebook has tested pre-campaign tools with a handful of agencies including WPP-owned Group M that show advertisers where their ads may appear.Kyle Bunch, head of social strategy at R/GA added that Facebook has a responsibility to provide more transparency than other digital players because of its massive clout and missteps.“They were really good at scale and and audience verification and having so much data at their disposal,” he said.“But now I start to call into question scale because I don’t trust the numbers [and] I start to call into question the audience identification—are you showing me the right audience and setting me up for a meaningful engagement.

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“You can imagine that’s a big spreadsheet to maintain.”In one example, to qualify for ad breaks, creators and publishers must have 2,000 or more followers (which represent a “significant follower base,” per Facebook’s wording) and have live videos that recently reached 300 or more concurrent viewers, according to the social network.

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