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Some people might even be reassured that I got off so lightly with mental illness and I'm one of the more 'normal' ones. Would they regard me as an outsider or a poser, because my mental health issues are fairly mild?But I've heard some fairly damning individual testimony about the place from a chap I know who wasn't keen. I'm at the point where I don't care if my partner has issues, even if they're really terrifying ones.YOU UNDERSTAND THAT THE COMPANY CURRENTLY DOES NOT CONDUCT CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECKS OR SCREENINGS ON ITS MEMBERS.THE COMPANY ALSO DOES NOT INQUIRE INTO THE BACKGROUNDS OF ALL OF ITS MEMBERS OR ATTEMPT TO VERIFY THE STATEMENTS OF ITS MEMBERS.Just because it's a mental health site doesn't mean all the users are Jame Gumb I've just suddenly got the feeling that I don't have a lot in common with people who are really, really normal - of course, I'm normal, just there are degrees of normality My best mate has Tourettes and panic disorder, my brother is an impulsive anti-social alkie with a criminal record for vandalism and all sorts.Those are my kinda people I'd like a partner like my best friend, who understands mental health conditions - but it's not essential. Do you kno how hard it can be dealing with someone who is having an episode? Sorry if that sounds harsh I like both you posters Cavegirl and SJSuk so no offence, you're alright but... I posted a picture of my face a fortnight ago and it wasn't on.Very true Cavegirl, but I'd be very careful not to date any proper scary nut jobs with Chronic Severe Compulsive Serial-Killer Disorder (or whatever), I'm sure users would make their condition fairly obvious and I know a fair amount about the different conditions.

My mate Dave is the most normal, and his normality has caused us some differences as he basically sees me as being a sad loser (In the nicest possible way ) and his wife doesn't like him hanging around with sad losers, especially now he has a kid. I find the opposite sex easy to interact and don't have that side of SA but I still think it's important not taking silly risks if you almost have a fear of dating/relationships. You don't have to give out real names or anything else and I think it's nice seeing a proactive poster for once. Christ I'm sorry for this thread, I need a break from this forum for a few days.

Similar warnings exist on popular sites e Harmony, Farmers Only, and OKCupid, among others.

Here is an excerpt from under the subcategory "Your Interactions with Other Members." “YOU ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR INTERACTIONS WITH OTHER MEMBERS.

Chloe Carmichael said even Charlton's criminal background was not enough to make an assertion he was a real threat — and that the public shouldn't be quick to point the finger at online dating.

“It's easy to focus on the online dating aspect here, but really this could have happened to the victim if she had met Charlton at a bar or anywhere else," Carmichael said.

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