Gta san andreas millie dating time Hot sex chat zone

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Gta san andreas millie dating time

Xi her to the nearest dance club, milie sincere sin of The Print's Toe. North, between of dating her to get the keycard that is responsible to anrreas, just for her.

Finally, if you raise your relationship level with a girl to 100% you'll be given a special outfit (unless that girl is Millie).

Also, there are gifts you can give to a girl during a date so I've included a list of some of the more convenient locations to find these in the Gift Locations section.

There is also a misc section that you might want to take a look at, since misc sections are always good.

All of these girls have a set place where they can be found once you start dating them, which you can find in the Potential Girlfriends section.

You can date more than one girl at once, and as far as I know, your other girlfriends won't mind if you pick up another.

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Location: Los Santos - Ganton Description: The bar is near your home, so its easy to stop by. Girlfriends: Denise likes this bar, which is just a hop from her home, a lot. Location: Lil's Probe In north of Fort Carson village in the desert Description: Other than playing billiards, you can also see lots of pictures of the UFO and a map that shows its location. Girlfriends: Theres no point in taking your girls here, as its too far. Location: San Fierro - Doherty Description: A classic bar, how it should be, with billiards and automats. Clubs are almost your last date location possibility.

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