Gridview rowupdating validation

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Gridview rowupdating validation

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I also don't understand when I select the grid View control and look at the events in the Properties window of Visual Studio 2010 why I see all the proper event procedures listed for each event I expect to use. I subsequently changed the code behind to explicitly bind to the product table during Row Cancel and Row Edit events.I don't know why it is not working but I have workaround for want to try that... Using GV's Auto Generated /Edit Update Button or your custom update button...1: Remove custom Validator control all together 2: Use Grid View Row Updating even like below: protected void Grid View1_Row Updating(obje I made all of the changes, but it still passes straight through and submits the form. I am pretty sure it should fire Updating Event if the Update command is raised until something I am missing in your code. w=800" src=" w=800&h=359" alt="Debugger Inside Grid View Row Updating Event" width="800" height="359" class="size-full wp-image-328" srcset=" w=230" src=" w=800" alt="Grid View on Browser" class="size-full wp-image-335" srcset=", w=416" src=" w=800" alt="Grid View Cell Showing Updated Value" class="size-full wp-image-331" srcset=", we move our mouse on to the variables, which hold the cell values, we can see the old value instead of new updated value (Refer the debugging Screen Shot at the Top).

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No problem with the questions, I'm not that great at writing code so the odds of me going in the wrong direction are pretty high.