Gong yoo dating yoon eun hye

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Gong yoo dating yoon eun hye

Although after this, Jong Kook has been avoiding the media very smartly in future weddings he went to. The wedding was to start at 3 pm but she was already there hours there before since she had to help out at the reception.

These field report came from a source who prefer to remain anonymous.

Sure they did damage control saying that he just gave it to her because she participated in his MV but the diamond ring he gave her was bigger than the couple ring that he once gave to his ex-girlfriend.

And who ever gives such expensive stuff just because they were in your music video? The pictures of Eun Hye were actual photos that were placed on her cyworld blog in January 2006.

They were then stitched together by fans to show the stark similarities between her and Jong Kook. They even have the same pose, just look at their hands…how sweet 7.

In another program called on KBS channel dated 26th Feb 2006, this was where Jong Kook used his phone to call Cha Tae Hyun to tell him the good news of Shootdori winning the first game. Who could be the one driving Eun Hye to Jong Kook’s brother wedding in May 2006?

It is currently airing in Chile on ETC (Chilean TV channel) beginning September 2016.When he passed the phone to the kid, Kim Tae Hoon, the screen showed his phone accessory that was kind of similiar to what Eun Hye had on hers. Both of them would later appear at the same wedding not together though and Jong Kook had changed to a suit to receive guests but just too bad.The caps of Eun Hye was coincidentally taken around that same time. It was a private reception so no media was allowed in.; RR: Keopipeurinseu 1 Hojeom; also known as Coffee Prince) is a 2007 South Korean television drama, starring Yoon Eun-hye, Gong Yoo, Lee Sun-kyun, and Chae Jung-an.Based on the novel of the same name written by Lee Sun-mi, the hit series aired on MBC from July 2 to August 28, 2007 on Mondays and Tuesdays at for 17 episodes.

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It isn’t easy to spot all these and then take the time to stitch them up together… This unusual appearance of them together happened during the period when their newspaper scandal broke out in November 2004 as they appeared on Eun Hye was no longer in Xman last year but they still created another new scandal in July 2006 which made the news with this music video.