Get datakey value gridview rowupdating event

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Get datakey value gridview rowupdating event

So if you want to get the reference of the control in Parent Grid View, you can put them in Parent Grid View event handler(like On Row Editing .etc) Grid View Row parent_row = Parent Grid View.

Rows[parent_index]; Grid View Child Gridi View = (Grid View)parent_row.

The solution proposed in that post works and I did it, so I set that post resolved. I know that, usually, I need to use the Command Argument to retreive the index of the row, and then retreive different value, including the Data Key property (wich is the one I look for).

Curiously, the Command Argument passed in the On Row Command event is set to NULL.

Actually, the only way I found to get something from the Command Argument parameter is to set it in the aspx page like this : In this exemple, DATAFIELD1 and DATAFIELD2 are data column.

With that solution, my problem is that I dont always have the key display in the data column.

Im pretty sure this information will serve me one day, but for now, I will keep my solution because I like to have all the postback, initiated by a click, in the On Row Command event.

Thanks again I like MSchumacher´s solution for this and I have used the same method, previously I achieved it using the Row Data Bound event protected void _grid_Row Data Bound(object sender, Grid View Row Events Args e) how to pass the controls from child gridview to parent gridview in c# to pass the controls from child gridview to parent gridview in c# Hi: You can get the controls in Child Grid View like below.

Here is what I am trying from the load event: Sub Bind Data() Dim my Connection As New My Sql. If I put a datalist inside a datalist and a link button inside the second datalist visually it satisfies my need. App Settings["ptcon"]; My Sql Connection conn; My Sql Command cmd = new My Sql Command(); Data Set ds = new Data Set(); My Sql Data Adapter da = new My Sql Data Adapter();protected void binddata() {conn = new My Sql Connection(co...In this article I will share how to retrieve hidden value from Grid View Column. I had a assignment I need to show only description and not ID. By using Datakeynames property you will get the selected row primary key. Hi, What if I have: a Grid View, a Object Data Source, a class like this: &l...gridview control in another gridview control Hi ia have a questioni have a gridview control which contains button in one my question is i need another gridview to be placed in the first gidviewso that when i click on the button the second gridview will populate the my question is how to place second gridview in first is there any approach like first grid itself acting as parent and child.please help me Hi sirikalavalapalli: I think nested gridview will help you. These controls can be textbox, Drop Downlist (in Template Field), Comand Field present inside the grid. Calendar Control in the Edit Item Template of a Gridview I have a calendar control nested inside a gridview template item.We have to call a generic method for doing the same .(since it can be done for multiple grid.) PFB the code snippet we use. The bolded part of the code is used to loop inside a grid view.(Not Working.)Is this ideal way to deal with the requirement. This control works when I use it to read the data which comes from my SQL data source control.

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[CODE] ID=”Grid View1″ runat=”server” Auto Generate Columns=”False” On Row Command=”Grid View1_Row Command” On Row Data Bound=”Grid View1_Row Data Bound” On Row Deleted=”Grid View1_Row Deleted” On Row Deleting=”Grid View1_Row Deleting” To get ID for selected row.