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But starting then, I knew I could no longer be myself.

I had to lie, I had to put on the “good little Mormon” facade.

I immediately thought, there is probably some girl in my apartment complex doing this right now, and she discovered it felt good and is now masturbating with it.

I just think it’s strange how The Church has been involved in our lives since birth and as soon as we grow “of age” they become in charge of our dating lives, and now, they are telling us what to do with our vaginas and how to have sex on our wedding night.

Apparently they covered birth control methods, family planning, talked about communication with your partner, oh…and of course haha..sexual positions.

It’s the same if I promised you I was going to meet you for lunch at and then didn’t show up. 2) Yes, I’m sure there are a good deal of people in my same situation that have similar thoughts, and yes it would be nice to find them.Naturally I’m curious when it comes to things like this because so many things in The Church are secret and separate (although some things I refer to as secret, they call “sacred”).Anyway, she was kind of blushing a little bit and told me they did the classes separately because you are informed about things specific to your gender and also deal with topics that might be embarrassing to discuss in the presence of the opposite gender. After about five minutes of her trying not to share and telling me that one day I will go to that workshop when I am ready to marry, she broke down.That statement alone sparked my curiosity, so I started asking questions: “really?! I had told that I’m kind of glad they have those workshops because I am a little scared of having sex for the first time (yes, I’m definitely not a virgin, but I play the part at BYU). " her: "they recommended we use these vaginal dilators”me: “umm…what”her" “dilators”me: “like when you go to the eye doctor and they dilate your eyes with drops”her: “no, it’s these things that you…um…..well….use….month or so leading up to your marriage”me: “what do you mean use”her: “well, they are different sizes and you put them in you so it won’t hurt on your wedding night”me: “HAHAHAHAHAHA….you serious, they want us to stick things in us?Apparently I said the right thing because she mentions how they learned how to make it not hurt as much. I thought we weren’t supposed to be doing that….isn’t that masturbating”her: “this isn’t masturbating, it’s preparing ourselves so the wedding night is comfortable and enjoyable”me: “wow…did you get these ‘dilators’? ”her “no, that’s private”i could tell she was getting uncomfortable so we changed topics and i asked what other stuff they talked about.

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