Gay daddy dating

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"We're overjoyed to be adding to our family; relief for the process to be finalized, and absolutely terrified because we are now responsible for the health and happiness of another human!

Since becoming a father I've found a renewed thirst for self-improvement and spiritual growth, not only for my own wellbeing but also for my family. But now, it's a whole different kind of fun."And life couldn't be more different for Nick, a massage therapist and stay-at-home dad, and Steve Wiltgen, a product manager for a big tech company after they adopted their son, Wyatt. They also run an animal sanctuary in Texas called "Wyatt's Second Chance Ranch." They're providing the family life they always wanted to as dads. People have been building their families via gestational surrogacy for decades, however over the last five years or so, surrogacy has grown as an increasingly viable option for singles and couples to have a baby.It's hard to imagine many non-gamers dropping .99 for the opportunity to creating their very own "dadsona" anytime soon.But with positive examples of LGBTQ families in such short supply, it's important to applaud good representations of gay men as fathers when we find them, particularly when they occur in mediums where you'd least expect them, like a video game."The genesis of the idea for me was just about dads dating other dads," Gray said."The more that we worked on it the more we saw the opportunity to tell a story for this community that could be really important.

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There's so little queer content now that's just light-hearted and fun and silly and showcases a really honest relationship.