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Posted by / 15-Mar-2017 11:47

But although much significance is attached to the hymen as an alleged marker of virginity in many cultures, the truth is that more often than not, it can't tell us much about a woman's sexual history.

The hymen is a membrane that lines the opening of the vagina, and its actual shape and size varies from person to person.

Coupled with accounts of the ideas that people like Thiel and Adelson subscribe to — like the idea that it’s fine to throw around their wealth to take down media they don’t like — and the powerful company they keep, has its own axe to grind.

And of course, it’s 2017, which means there’s no escaping the looming shadow cast by President Trump’s pathological love-hate relationship with the press, fostered over decades of trying (with plenty of success) to get New York City’s tabloids to pay attention to him.

, you sense that director Brian Knappenberger and his team had no idea when they started the project that their final cut would end up focusing on the breakdown of journalistic norms in America.

Halfway through, the film pivots away from its initial subject, the court case that brought down, and expands its scope to examine the effect of big money on journalism at large in America.

So sit back, relax, and learn why you should try to stop worrying so much about apocryphal "facts" about sex.

This is the age-old belief that a woman's hymen is a good place to look to if you desire to know whether she's still a virgin — or, at least, if she has engaged in vaginal intercourse.

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Normally, it does not cover the vaginal opening entirely — which makes absolute sense, since otherwise menstrual and other discharge would not be able to leave the vagina. In the rare cases wherein the hymen does cover the entire vaginal opening — this is a congenital condition called imperforate hymen — surgery is carried out to perforate it and allow vaginal discharge to pass out of the body.