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They even couch it in gaming terms:“Wanna grind some dailies with that healer and tank you just met in a popular server? If you then run into a charming DPSer you want to include, they can hop right into the group with you two.” – Upcoming Feature Preview: Friends List One of the features that the desktop version of Discord supports is an in-game overlay that will allow you to keep track of your Discord voice chat without having to alt-tab out of the game to do so.

You map the overlay to a button combo, then press those buttons to bring Discord up while you’re playing the game and make changes to the room from there.

Despite its moniker, Discord is fairly bug-free at the current time of writing.

Some can be for subscribers only, if you’re a partnered channel; some are for channel moderators, and some are invite-only.

The endgame for Discord is apparently to supplant Skype and other gaming video chat options entirely.

They say as much – and rather cheekily too – on their blog:“The ultimate in ‘I can finally delete Skype off of my computer features,’ our third friends list update will include the much sought after and asked for video chat and screen sharing.” – Upcoming Feature Preview: Friends List Discord has been releasing a plethora of new features since its release, and many of them seem designed to create communities and friendships.

For starters, they have instituted a friendship feature, meaning you can have a friends list independent of your servers.

You can send private messages and one of the features currently in development for Discord is the ability to create temporary groups of friends for quick chats not tied to any particular server.

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Considering that multiplayer games have been so omnipresent, and online gaming has been around since the ’90s, it’s a bit baffling how scattershot Vo IP clients can be for gamers.