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[Note: There was also a scene with an older, naked male model named Leslie (Ezra Buzzington) posing for female students!

] Early on, Jerome claimed that he wanted to be famous or recognized.

He helped Amy when she 'accidentally' injured herself on broken glass in the dark, in order to then turn around and rescue her as a knight in shining armor.

And he faked a phone call to himself to avoid further scrutiny by Amy's suspicious best friend Jennifer (Jordana Spiro).

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In a scene with the most explicit nudity in the film, Johnny's girlfriend Angela Holden (Olivia Wilde) engaged in a hotel tryst with him - although he was pre-occupied with events in his life and couldn't perform even after attempted oral sex: The central sequence was its title event: a 10-minute Michigan university night-time streak-run in the all-together (with about 100 naked extras). (cheering) And being completely naked is, of course, a perfectly natural thing.

The run was prefaced by a long, drawn-out, absolutely inane introduction by the race's founder Noah Levenstein (Eugene Levy):"Good evening... (cheering) Yes, you know, when I started this race many, many...years ago. Uh, uh, there's not one part of one's body one should be ashamed of, be it one's pubic region or one's breasts, as in the case with you young ladies (cheering) and a couple of you young men.

" It told about an East Coast NYC art academy, named Strathmore Institute (based upon Pratt Institute in Brooklyn), that existed in a seedy section of the city.

Jerome had become obsessed and enamored with Audrey when she posed as a nude sketch model for his drawing class.

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The jealous and sick predator insinuated himself into an artificial relationship, manipulating her to believe that he was a nice guy by helping her create an art website, and assisting her in selling her paintings.

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