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wltli." some nine hame.s bein^ luu fore tho meeting a S follows: Messrs. But If the idea of God la Intui- tive, born in man. and no man can possibly dis- believe it, then the existence of God is an Intuitive truth which needs no proof, because what all believe and none can possibly disbelieve is seii- evldent.

The meeting d|d not conclude Us labors until after midnight. the point as to wh' to run more tlian two (iiiii.iuiai The nomlnation H were tlien. Kalpli Smith, Maxwell Smith, Alderman Cameron, Ex- Alderman Mc Masters, J. :..:, KW WHMWHi Mi Wiiniiiiimn m a H —Mi Tu.adav, March 12, 1912 VICTORIA DAILY COLONIST Z^ «t' I Superb Sho^^ing of WASH FABRICS ■ "" TVWS^'V I' i Nextolinen — Heavy woven cotton suiting, in plain colors of blues, browns, white, etc. Seek Dead Man's Belatt TM— The local police authorltieci -have been notified that the l«p^ of t^. Once it was universally believed that the sun mov- ed rojjnd the earth, which la not a fact.

Tbus^he oftrosltlou wi4 bn obllg M to decbire tlieir position. The Lihi-als moved HO less thati Hix/a Wenilmtntft. i ifm*n l Yitiy ren Sh M ■^atf nellevfrd that when ihi; J'^n'-n d Hobart, one of the mctpburs ly vr,\ oti'f. Angus Smith Asks Council to Rf 'eve Hiffi of His Duties . i f ;i»eet* Angus Smith, at ia St n'fhi » lit f 'of the Mty eouncil ten- (I art:ncsn ' of the ctty hall and. The Worswtcfc Paving Company and all local contractdi^Q, pay finishers per day for the same class of work as done' for the ciyv^^A f^ft^ier.^oorease of twen- ty-five* cents per dajs for sidewalk la- borers In the employ of the city is ^ked. ; fetennx T'a nre ]«osb — During Februly 832 yate» ANOfll EK carload of draught Uouraea Juat received; aeveral well matched Kiaya from 30 to »6 i' Apply Oleo- Bon unit Johnson. '' ^ ^ |»AWV chlcka or cgif» iut halohlng; Bneat Sy wvando Hos and l^Bhurnii; eustoniera ilora.

rh*t order ;^tt not yet ii*«a e X^cttted and f.» Kti H .yaptain A.mundsen and Gap- 1 tain Scott May Have Met ai ths Scuth Pols i S State- ment HOTnr TTox MDuir I-"! Lomarcbe Is.uivmg potfce thsit in thv tfcl J^ readltif «)!! f tiif mjttor- I'tv w^ich- Air Mondoii rmivcd m com rnittee. I^ Id pointed 4ut In the application that the Canadialf Mineral Rubber company.

which Is eternal, self-exlstent, and able to produce the universe, und ev- erything in It, and that Being Is God.

We do not find the cause of our existence In ourselves, nor our parents In them- selves, und-Jji^^ng back generation after gen«^a Uon°Tsp*n Hn Uy Is "nly ad- ding nothlni? If we are looking for the ca)usc of our e-tistence In ouraei'ves. we conclude that there must be a Great Universal First Cause of the world and all In It. have nearly a M 1»*«9e9 qd "t Jr hooka In every dtatrict of ttie city; prices range from fl700 to 133,000; we have an excel- lent aelection of houafea at Oak Bay. Ttia onvner leaves town in a week and has put a' low price on this excellent house.

11.— -A movement IR on foot to petition Premier As()^ith to forthwith ap- ^int a roynt commission to en- iiutre 'into ttte question of i Ml MN trial eo^partnemhlp mi A Ukely solution of the present t Adttstflal unrest. t wu of tlif defcni Uint.s named Uoherta and ("arson, who were defiant in their de- meanor and In their manner of k Iv Uik evidence, were sentenced to the longer term.s. AHIZE t Wants Training School E^tab^TIf lishe J — Favors Idea b S *- ^. tions In the Canadian naval nerviett are dealt with In a n9%mitetl. Qj^y tuber last, shortly after the ni OCettli C^ of the new govammtntr^ 'fl Ph0 ^ " government, he, mi t«i)4er B j Edf: 6# _ •tcpy«r»' tff Ihe-mi. met requirement^.'' ' Pe e XPr«Me«( tfa^ opinion that It *0U^ f M^'tt^t^.ijaxttest of efficiency irp MTt Of'll Nrilttt W'Were built in Eng- IVnil.

New Wcslinlii Htcr; t;raii»» at INDUSTRIAL CO-PARTNERSHIP LONDOK, Eng., Mar. Jttc^J members of parliament support the petition, 167 Unionists, 77 Liberals, 10 Nationalists, and 2 Lat lues varylii K from three to six months tl\e nii»n wlio were convicted of the char Ke of helns niembeis of an un- Mwful H.^semiily in connection Willi tlie r p c ent T H w i M i Btrept a i Htiirti Hi i fi j s. '[IDITHS IN ma Rear-admiral Kingsmill Pre- ^Isanjs Memo rand um— Abanr dort Wient of Presei^^telifax mfmmtmim PROf»OSe S i CCtll RES TO POP IH.

March 11.— The rabies scare Ims not died out in Ontario two inuire patienta being received here today from Barrle and Guelph.

ndon,- Sneluid, «m be plaeed upon the Mtreets of Toronto In the early piart of May. It Is thereby hoped to re- lieve the trafllc congeetion of Toronto.

Fifty in all will be put on with the consent of tiie city council by H. The buaat JS will be of Ibc ueual liiulv F vitrlety used lu London with aocommo- dutlon for paaseng^ers on top as well ae li the body of the conveyance. Tlie roilinvl HK Hiyiul ctlicers wore elected: Qrund past iiri Mlilcnt, Mr.

Icnijfljjp Ijiea and training battery la nvt$'' f «f HHlpll' ■ilfr.-fts a necessity. the admiral an- no O|MM|i|^J|y concurred in the aban- lroi U|iiuii|t,l^'^e preai^'mii Hixx dock yara sa) .* new site li ffl W i p Mil ed. 't He pra Jsea Nell Mckay, the former ISmber tor the district for his untir- efforta to bring about this result.

Sir iipbert ^Batf|n-'Fo«f movement, spoke tonight When tbe iwe-, M».- went . )t«f M4 jfe as highly deair- ige la declared to t tbe conditlo Jj B rs when cadets from t1 t| ^ " M p p tnd an institution ines, s Trn|far t- 'Itary college at Kingston' v, ..cbted US^^i^h an entirely new building.

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