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This fashton»il Se, hygienic and inex- pensive method of ffoor covterin^ has so much to re- commend it. ' - Cbamr* In strati Kamt^Hwr MXter th(; name of Bdmnton road will be drop- pod. TJie necessary biaw to effect the alter r jatlon was j AWed by the city council last evening. Nicholson and cifflcer H of the company's steamship Prince George, to the mayor and council of Seattle, and S«»1«l«Jf»^ Club for the enter Uln- ^''fflj^fl^ftl^^lie occasion of th*trlp. Cormorant Phone 2862 TTT -Today's BAKING at i^ri*^r- ^M Pineapple Cake, Russian, King Edward, Lemon Caks^ '5:. :, 619 Fort Street and 740 Yates Street Teiephone loi ' Telephone 3057 must be a Ood.

Mokl M in view of Sir Hibbert I'upper's Statement about railway pol- y aald: ''We wi U let the pe9tile deal : '1 4.

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ndon,- Sneluid, «m be plaeed upon the Mtreets of Toronto In the early piart of May. It Is thereby hoped to re- lieve the trafllc congeetion of Toronto.

Fifty in all will be put on with the consent of tiie city council by H. The buaat JS will be of Ibc ueual liiulv F vitrlety used lu London with aocommo- dutlon for paaseng^ers on top as well ae li the body of the conveyance. Tlie roilinvl HK Hiyiul ctlicers wore elected: Qrund past iiri Mlilcnt, Mr.

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•^»S^h HA Otthi- ai SJKWtf JPeary froia the' 't$f -^titrt Hk It, was sagsrested th*t |j N Hyal *xn)o V|n^ .

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