Error validating users agent execution access

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Error validating users agent execution access

The report can make a general statement that typographical errors were identified and changes redlined.

Note that once testing is completed, the protocols should be updated to incorporate the changes!

Enter Power Shell command line interface on Delivery Controller (Controller).

bz#2803 * sftp(1): Have sftp print a warning about shell cleanliness when decoding the first packet fails, which is usually caused by shells polluting stdout of non-interactive startups. The hardware and software are literal museum pieces and support in sshd is too intrusive to justify maintaining.

bz#2800 * ssh(1)/sshd(8): Switch timers in packet code from using wall-clock time to monotonic time, allowing the packet layer to better function over a clock step and avoiding possible integer overflows during steps. Portability ----------- * sshd(8): Correctly detect MIPS ABI in use at configure time. * All: Build and link with "retpoline" flags when available to mitigate the "branch target injection" style (variant 2) of the Spectre branch-prediction vulnerability.

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