Elite mates dating sites 247 index

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Elite mates dating sites 247 index

Hermione's concern about her match grows as she watches others around her succumb to the Fever. The clock is ticking to create a cure to the unimaginable horror that currently grips the world.

When one touch is all it takes and the Burning inside you wants it how much self control does it take to hold back and not give in to your most basic desires? Malfoy - from the first words you uttered to me without even so much as an attempt to hide your disdain, your arrogance, your conceit - I knew that you would be the last wizard on earth I would ever be prevailed upon to marry." D/Hr, Regency era, adapted from Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice. Hermione finds herself unwillingly allied with the most hated man in Wizarding Britain.

Thanks for your constant support and love of these stories, though. But sometimes we find ourselves in the sacrifices we make. With Remus and Sirius there to help her through, Hermione's biggest worry is finding out the identity of the werewolf who marked her. He is past the point of caring, until one day he takes the opportunity to change his fate—blast the consequences. You won't be taken from me again." A Dimension travel harmony story. Lunarry 1, 14; Dramione 2, 5&6, 13, 23, 37; Pottgrass 3, 25; Snagonagall 4; Snuna 7; Harvati 8; Permione 9, 26; Thuna 10; Gintonic 11, 27, 30; Sirimione 12; Theomione 15, 28; Drarry 16, 33; Dumbletrix 17; Harielle 18; Tomione 19; Gin Drarry 20; Nevmione 21; Regulily 22; Jily 24; Hansy 29; Harmony 31, 35; Harcissa 32; Thuna 34Following a tumultuous break-up with Ron, Hermione finds herself intoxicated and relatively prone to poor decision making after she runs into Draco Malfoy in a club, having been years since she has seen him. The landscape of the Wizarding world has changed drastically.

I finish the fics, I promise, as soon as I get some of the others off my plate. Upon seeking to escape the following morning, she realizes he is her new neighbour and is quite insatiable. The Dark Lord has successfully taken over both the Muggle & Magical world.

Hermione lost all her family to the Romans and is out for revenge. I started this fic way back in 2004 - so a lot of what happened later in the books, I hadn't read yet...

After the war, the population is low all the signs say a Fever is coming, the Burning lasts until they find their match.

As a result, I think AO3 will be the perfect new home for all my stories to be housed in future.

So, for now the fics that are here will remain here, but I will continue to move everything over to AO3 over the next few weeks and months.

- RZZMG- I am currently plagiarize my stories.- Please note that offensive/rude reviews by guests will be deleted. Includes Bachelorette, Reunion, and The Real World: Hogwarts series.

Also, because of the problems Fanfiction dot net is having with the PUBLISH function right now, I will be posting all new updates for my stories on AO3 from today's date and moving forward.

You can find my stories here: archiveofourown dot org / users / RZZMG / Please know that sometime this year (2018), I will be abandoning Fanfiction dot net completely for AO3. I'll announce that final closing when the time comes, so you'll have advanced notice, so please pay attention to this space in my profile for updates as to that move.

She certainly never expected it to have anything to do with what Draco Malfoy did to her at Malfoy Manor during the war. Better still to be the consort of Hades than a part of his collection of souls. She'd almost forgotten how he had this uncanny ability to rest his entire existence in his stare. When Bellatrix Lestrange takes control of the wizarding world after the demise of Voldemort, the remnants of the Order keep fighting. "Maybe this was how you stayed sane in wartime: a handful of noble deeds amid the chaos." — When Harry Potter died at the Battle of Hogwarts, Voldemort destroyed Wizarding Britain.

What happens at "Bond" stays at "Bond" -Hermione is taken out for drinks at club "Bond", an establishment that can offer you anything from some alcohol and dancing to SO much more. Ten years after Voldemort has won the war, Hermione reaches a breaking point and shreds the flow of time to change her future. How powerful it felt, that something so simple as the way someone looked at you could cut you open. Seven years later, Draco brings Hermione a piece of magic that might be the key to finally ending the war. Enslaved for years, Hermione's magic has been bound.

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Specifically, it isn't working, thus preventing me from updating ANY of my fics here until they fix it (and as stated, there has been absolutely no replies to my 2 emails to them about this problem).