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The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Inglewood Police Department are asking for the public's assistance in identifying the individual(s) responsible for the homicide of Kevin Robert Harris II in Inglewood, California.

On September 20, 2009, at approximately p.m., Harris was shot to death in…

Hermione's concern about her match grows as she watches others around her succumb to the Fever. The clock is ticking to create a cure to the unimaginable horror that currently grips the world.

When one touch is all it takes and the Burning inside you wants it how much self control does it take to hold back and not give in to your most basic desires? Malfoy - from the first words you uttered to me without even so much as an attempt to hide your disdain, your arrogance, your conceit - I knew that you would be the last wizard on earth I would ever be prevailed upon to marry." D/Hr, Regency era, adapted from Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice. Hermione finds herself unwillingly allied with the most hated man in Wizarding Britain.

As a result, I think AO3 will be the perfect new home for all my stories to be housed in future.

So, for now the fics that are here will remain here, but I will continue to move everything over to AO3 over the next few weeks and months.

A failed submission to D/Hr Advent 2016 (I blew the word count).

Hermione thought she and Draco had it all together.

Sure they were still no closer to settling down than they had been 8 years before but they were happy. Voldemort has won, or mostly, and Death Eaters don't have a retirement plan so Draco Malfoy is stuck serving a master he hates. He had not known where they stood after coming back from summer break, but they had quickly fallen back into their old pattern of making out in secluded areas of the castle whenever they could find the time.

When the Boy-Who-Lived lives no more, Hermione is thrown back in time into another battle where she has a chance to save not only Harry, but another Potter. Hermione, banfhlath of Gryffindor is given in marriage to Draco, priñs of Slytherin.

*Art by colour me luna*"Scars can come in handy." — Magic gives the gift of a soulmate. Will she be accepted by his people, or will she always be an outsider? Hermione, bookstore owner know-it-all is approached by the extremely wealthy and highly desired Draco in hopes that she will aid him with his research. Harry non-con mentioned He saves her life, and thinks he hates her for what it does to him.

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Also, because of the problems Fanfiction dot net is having with the PUBLISH function right now, I will be posting all new updates for my stories on AO3 from today's date and moving forward.