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and is broadcast live across two hours plus in front of a studio audience on Friday nights between September and May at 21.30.

Having maintained the same name and format continuously, The Late Late Show was first broadcast on Friday, 6 July 1962 at 23.20 it later moved to its current home on Friday night schedules.

“He can be overlooked,” agrees Garry Hynes, who is directing King of the Castle in a new Druid production with Sean Mc Ginley in the lead role.

“Some of that might be down to his output, there is not a great long canon of work there.

The format has remained largely the same throughout—dialogue, comic sketches, musical performances, discourse on topical issues.

It has influenced attitudes of the populace towards approval or disapproval of its chosen topics, directed social change and helped shape Irish societal norms.

It averages 650,000 viewers per episode and has consistently achieved RTÉ's highest ratings.

For much of its early life, RTÉ Television Centre's Studio 1 in Donnybrook, Dublin was its home—this original studio accommodated a small audience of about 120.

Three external broadcasts have aired, most recently from the Wexford Opera House on 5 September 2008. Pat Kenny was Byrne's successor hosting the show for 10 years between 1999-2009.

And, from the vantage point of 2017, it’s tempting to wonder what a 1960s audience made of Mc Cabe’s play.

It’s plot, one of Greek concision and intensity, turns on the antihero Scober Mac Adam, the resented big farmer of a poor rural area, engaging a farm labourer to impregnate his wife.

Archbishop of Dublin, John Charles Mc Quaid, was confronted by a guest in the show's first series—a sensational and unprecedented event.

Many more such events would follow, each contributing to the folklore and mythical qualities of The Late Late Show.

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