Drupal twitter block not updating sarasota gay dating

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Drupal twitter block not updating

Once you have everything configured and have enabled translations for some fields, you're ready to start adding translations.

The first thing that needs to happen is the content must have a language associated with it.

" Once you have that configured, you will need to enable translation for each field that you want to be able to translate.

Once Entity Translation has been enabled, a new "Enable translation" link will be available at the bottom of the field settings form for every field.

Now, the company is expanding overseas and you need identical sites in Spanish, German, and Italian.

These fields are have not been enabled for translation and instead, the value will be shared across all languages.

Clicking that will enable translation for all instances of that field.

One challenge to this approach is that it doesn't allow node titles to be translated.

Aside from that, adding or updating a translation is as simple as updating a node.

So, now you've translated all of your content but your menus are still in English.

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Instead of having one site for every language, you can have a single site that supports all languages and intelligently supports switching between them.

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