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Dress up games dating friends shopping spree 3649

Fanfic of slexenskee's 'Crawlersout' Fem Harry There's another death in the Parker family leaving Peter without any relatives... Extensive research done to find any living relatives finds some interesting information leading back to WW2.

Apparently he does have a relative who is shockingly able to look after him.

Sometimes I won't touch a story for a while then bam I send out an update. Just don't plagiarize my stuff and please give me credit. But when his hands brush against a stinging nettle, everything changes.

Most of the time I get stuck on where I'm going with a story. General ideas or plot lines are fine just don't copy and paste my stuff into your stories. Now a Harry with a bit of a different goal in mind is sent to Hogwarts, armed with a bit more knowledge.

Like I know generally what I want but putting it on paper and being satisfied with it is a whole different story. Abandoning a Fic I will tell you if a fic is abandoned. Like if you want to write something similar to "Checkbox Medic-nin" with a similar mix-up in paperwork, that's fine but I don't want to read it and find out that hey this is word for word my stuff. Reincarnating as a crow was nicer than you would think...

Once you have a chapter posted please send me a PM with the story ID I'd love to read it. One man's Greater Good will fall to pieces when his greatest pawn is whisked away as part of the plans his mother set into motion the moment she learned of the dangers her son would face. until the Trouble Twins found the summoning scroll for the Karasu. Inspired by the story "Smarter than Spencer" by Jacinta.

In which Harry makes use of what he learned in Care of Magical Creatures, Kreacher is forced to cooperate, and the Chamber hides a new Secret..

Yoshino has died shortly after giving birth to Shikamaru due to an assassination by Iwa.

Enter a herd of intelligent deer, a confusing Owl Summons Clan, and one world-traveling witch in search of a new purpose. Harry)The Valar give Hermione Granger the choice and opportunity to redeem Smaug. # For Rough Trade Challenge1 2015April historical 20K # AU Hermione/Smaug fem! (rewritten) Naruto Namikaze-Uzumaki grew up to become one of the strongest Kunoichi that had ever existed. What if the tailor who was working on him decided to insert herself into the conversation and quickly take over Harry's shopping.

Bilbo is ill and so decides to accompany the Dwarves on their adventure instead of wasting away in the Shire.

But is there hope for our dear Hobbit at the end of his journey?

But, hey—if I'm going to die with certainty, I might as well go out with a bang, right? And if no one else is willing to keep an eye on Lucius, well, Harry is. Watch as a small ripple becomes a mighty typhoon in the world of monsters, gods, and demigods. But every now and then he needs a little help to buck the system."Oh not this moron again," Harry Potter snarked from within his portrait. A young man terrified of death finds himself reborn into a world that is worryingly familiar and far from everything he's ever known. She thought she would forever be alone...until the day she met him.

It's almost restful, watching the way his and Lucius's lives interlace. Augustus Longbottom, Minister for Magic, smiled weakly at his visitor, Head Auror Boot. Now as a monster with the ability to grow stronger, to evolve, he sets his sights on a distant but desperate possibility. Sherlock Holmes, an eccentric genius who might have what it takes to see past the mask she created and see her true self.

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After a night of suffering, Latios was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for Alto Mare, for his sister.