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“The ‘ban the box' movement is great,” Rodney tells .“But I will not be happy until I see that private companies are hiring returning citizens and all drug offenders can get Pell Grants again.To law enforcement, an ex-offender out in the world is considered “the usual suspect” or “the one with the record.” This blemish on their record of life can obstruct forward motion, holding an ex-prisoner back from opportunities, even after they served their debt to society. He got out on February 21, 2007 after serving fifteen and a half years in federal prison for conspiracy to distribute cocaine, crack and heroin.The Richmond, Virginia native spent three months in a halfway house and three months under house arrest to complete his sentence.This Arizona rehab prescribes high doses of AA meetings and backpacking for young guys who not only need to get sober, but also learn the basics (think cooking and cleaning) of living in the real world.

As President Obama slowly overhauls the criminal justice system, trying to make it easier for ex-cons to reintegrate, the plight and stigma of the ex-offender is being recognized—but is recognition enough?“It’s not until I think about at least three jobs that I know I was refused—and two that I know I was refused an interview for—because I have a criminal record, that I become frustrated and motivated to create change,” Rodney tells .“This is important to me because various states automatically give ex-offenders/returning citizens their rights back, while in other states like Virginia, a returning citizen must go through a special process.This is about knowing yourself and your motives honestly.You’ll need these truths as an extra foundation to buffer the challenge that initially awaits a prison relationship.

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2) Do You Understand All That Goes Into A Prison Relationship? Get to know people in a like situation for support.