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Deanna s adult chat world

But policies that sell well in cities won't always work statewide.After stumbling off the stage during his last presidential run and being indicted on criminal charges, Texas’ longest-serving and possibly most influential governor wants to redeem his political career.In Kentucky, one of the few Southern states where Democrats still hold power, it's a tossup between a Republican businessman appealing to religious conservatives and a Democratic AG distancing himself from Obama.Giving up on the gridlock at the federal and state levels, progressives are turning their attention to local ballots to get their ideas passed.Federal intelligence officials warned Congress on Tuesday that Russia will again attempt to influence the elections through cyber-warfare.New reports shed light on the inadequacy of state and local security systems.

In some cases, they admit their intent to tilt the ideological balance.

They also ousted several tough-on-crime prosecutors, as well as Trump ally Joe Arpaio.

Conservatives and liberals are teaming up to restrict or ban the laws that let officers seize billions of dollars a year from people who haven’t been convicted or, sometimes, even charged with a crime.

The president's "America First" message and his new trade barriers have caused anxiety in states where the economy depends on investment from abroad.

It's pushing governors to hone their diplomatic skills.

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The shift there could signal what's to come across the country.

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