Dealing with intimidating employees

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Place your purse, your briefcase, your jacket, or an extra stack of papers on the extra chair or on the available space on your desk, so they can't park it for hours.Annoying Coworker #3: The Office Bully This isn't like Johnny and the thugs from Cobra Kai, cornering The Karate Kid at the water cooler.How to Handle The Cubicle Invader: Think like an NFL coach -- the best defense is a good offense.If you hear the Cubicle Invader approaching, make your area unwelcoming.The Office Bully is not the kind of bully you dealt with in school who was physically intimidating and took pride in public humiliation.In the workplace, The Bully has some form of authority and uses it as a weapon.Annoying Coworker #4: The Gossip The Gossip knows everything about everyone and makes it their mission to share the wealth with whoever will listen.

Annoying Coworker #6: The Stud The Stud walks into a room moving in slow motion, with the wind flowing through his hair, as paparazzi snap photos and women get lightheaded, their knees buckling.

And as you're nodding in agreement, I bet one of these obnoxious characters has probably just parked themselves in your workspace to talk your ear off about their latest dating drama or their opinions about the casting of the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie. Martin's Press, September 17), I interviewed CEOs, entrepreneurs, and tastemakers in a variety of industries about the many strange characters and situations they experienced during their climb to the top.

But just because certain colleagues make you want hit CTRL Z on your latest conversation, doesn't mean you can avoid them. And if you leave this job in hopes of having "normal" coworkers at your next, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. Turns out, getting along with coworkers was one of the most critical skills for success.

I learned about this only because Gretchen has chatted with and cried for Shawn every day - over the phone, at work - for the past two months.

I get that you might have to have personal phone conversations during the workday, but just remember that your sneeze can often be heard rows away.

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Being an extrovert, I consider myself a pretty easy person to get along with.