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Overall if you can borrow disc 3 and 4 I would, skip the rest except for the beginning of disc 5 for the wing girls. Tyler ran what looked to me like a mini RSD, and Mystery's comments on this program are what really got me interested in this stuff.: my journey from student to approach coach, to instructor, to master instructor, to stripper destroyer). Try Walking In My Shoes You'll Stumble In My Footsteps There's definitely a lot of crossover between his programs. I'll bet that a lot of the guys attending that seminar were deathly afraid to approach women. Tyler also appears on the Meeting Women In Bars & Clubs program, but Mystery doesn't, although he'd probably break down A1-C1 like he did in the Mastery and Approaching Women programs. pulled a Lincoln Park like when they remade their first cd(Reanimation). I have the mystery dvd set and I would say that it would have been a lot better in a presentation format like DYD instead of a number of clips.

At this point (after watching almost all of his dvds, I have a few left but I have watched well over 50 percent), I have to say he is very good at inner game but he offers little else. Ben, a guest speaker, was just talking about random garbage. only contacts individuals who specifically request that we do so or in the event that they have signed up to receive our free newsletters or have purchased one of our products. This information is NEVER used for other purposes and is NEVER shared with 3rd parties for their own use. Say you were subscribed to some newsletter such as “modern world fashion” and the editors ran a promotion of our site within it, and you followed over to our site, then subscribed to our newsletter, then at a later date you unsubscribed. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) All such information is strictly protected and used only for delivering the content and products the user has signed up for or purchased, or for finding other men and women who may find our information valuable.One stays with him and social proofs him and the other tries to pick up girls and bring them over for him to meet. TD brought these kids on stages (from the audience) and really forced them to try to conversate. As much as alot of people hate on him I think he is a brilliant tactician and he has a strong presence.They brought out craig who had some "cute" pickup lines.

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