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Dating the first australians

This may suggest that the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population derive from an early African population which migrated along the south coast of Asia, at a much faster rate than other populations migrating across the continents of the Holocene.

The first settlement of Australia most likely occurred during the last glacial maximum.

During this time Australia and New Guinea were joined as a single land mass called Sahul.

The south-east Asian continent and islands were also joined as a single land mass called Sunda.

Bridging these sub-disciplines is the important concept of cultural heritage management which encompasses Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sites, historical sites and maritime sites.

Archaeological studies or investigations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and culture in Australia have had many different agendas through time.

Sahul is important in that in the past Australia was not an isolated continent, but was joined with New Guinea (and Tasmania).It is theorised that the first Australians crossed the sea between Sahul and Sunda about 60,000 to 40,000 years ago.Other dates have been suggested, and this timeframe is not seen as conclusive.Therefore, at a research level significance is placed on the past but also on the importance of the present.The first settlement of Australia is a popular research topic both in archaeology and in the public arena.

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There is consensus that no human or closely related species evolved independently in Australia.